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1. Is my credit card information safe for checkout? Yes. It's SSl certified.In the shop section, after you type in your personal information, you will see where you will type in your credit card information. 


2. How soon will my shipment arrive? We will ship the next day unless purchased on Friday or Saturday, in that case we will ship Monday.  

3. How much is shipping outside the 48 states or to other countries?  Please send me an email or call and will get shipping quotes as soon as possible.  

4. How much is shipping? The cost to ship 1 remote within the continental 48 states is only $4 per remote. To ship up to 8 remotes is only $10,or a little more if they are heavier remotes. The shopping cart will calculate the actual shipping for how many remotes you purchase. But our shipping costs are quite low.  

5. I am trying to get at least 2 model numbers of at least 6 remotes per model number. Why am I getting only discount on one model number?  Godaddy only accepts one coupon code per order. Place an additional order and put in discount code for that remote,or please call.  

6.Will you buy inventory? Yes. We do closeout buying and prefer to purchase a minimum of 25 remotes. We prefer new or like new condition . Also prefer to buy remotes that are 8 years or newer.   

7. If you do not have my brand, will you help me find brands and models that will work many functions of my Tv?   Yes. We offer compatibility consulting.  

8. Do you offer refunds?  Yes. Full refund on the remote within 30 days of receiving the remote. You will be responsible for all shipping charges.

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To receive new offers of different model numbers that may or may not be on our website in the future ,please provide an email adddress. We never inform or sell anyone your email address.

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