We are located in Chicago, Ill. and have been in the remote control business for over 27 years. We carry many original Tv brands. If we do not carry a specific brand please contact us , we may have it used or we may have new remotes that are compatible with your brand. My company has 5 goals to help our customers.

  1. Have one of the lowest price of original Tv remotes in the United States. Our unique benefit is to have a choice of many remotes with a small purchase and still receive wholesale prices.    

2. Have small shipments of remotes sent the same day or next day.    


3. Offer honest description of remotes. If the remote is not mentioned with a specific condition, that it will be new. Used remotes will be in good to very good condition.     

4. We guarantee our product. If you are not happy with the purchase ,we will offer a full refund minus all shipping costs within a week after you receive the remotes.     

5. Free honest consultation. Will offer the best advice and lowest price remotes that will suit your needs.

 We are a wholesaler of Tv, DVD and audio remote controls. We offer a selection of remotes that you can earn money reselling them on your own website, store and online business sites.Hotel and motels will save considerably buying these remotes too. Please look at Inventory page to quickly see all models in inventory. Also you can search in the shop section by brand and model number in the top right corner.  If you purchase 6 or more remotes of a particular model number (20 if used Sanyo's) that we have in stock, you will automatically save anywhere from 10%-66%! Just use the coupon code exactly as typed and hit apply when you are checking out .It will calculate your great price. If you wish to purchase more than one model number that has 6 or more remotes, please place an additional order. Godaddy store only accepts one coupon code per order. If a model has no coupon code than we have less than 6 of that model number in stock.   The remotes are brand new and used. If we do not mention the condition than they are new. We also carry used remote controls that are not on the website for $6 ,unless they are a sophisticated remote which will be more. Call or email us and we will find out if we have the remote you need, or if we have something that will be compatible. We can get your order out today or tomorrow. We accept credit cards, PAYPAL  and other forms of payments.

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To receive new offers of different model numbers that may or may not be on our website in the future ,please provide an email adddress. We never inform or sell anyone your email address.

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